‘No algorithm is going to make you feel, no algorithm is going to show you the way of life. Except for the space in-between your eyes and your heart.’

Alice Tay begins her photographic journey in her university days using her trusted Minolta SLR. She picked up digital upon graduation and that was when her adventure down the rabbit hole began. Since then, she has tailed a world renowned photographer, Tom Ang, in ChannelNewsAsia’s Scene City – Singapore Living Spaces, which won recognition at New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards. She was involved in PhotoVoice for a while, mentoring children on using photography as a way to tell their stories. Out of curiosity, she has also participated in Lien Foundation’s Last Outfit Project, where she explored topics around death. She is on a constant lookout for altruistic projects to volunteer for, because she believes that when words can’t express, images will.

She takes a keen interest in Portraiture, Street and Travel Photography. To her, photography is an intensely personal pursuit, and she loves the solitude, just by the nature of it, and the perspectives of life it brings.

Once in a while, she takes off, with her camera, to explore her own wonderland…

Twitter: @alicereneztay I instagram: @thethinkingeyes I Facebook


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