_DSC0049Friendships are more volatile than love relationships. They are harder to define and there are many different interpretations on what makes a friend, a good friend, a buddy, a confidante, or simply just an acquaintance. At least when it comes to love, it is clearly defined. You love someone or you don’t. There isn’t so much of an in-between. Problems come when either party is in denial. It’s either you end up together with him, or you move on in search of the next love. Friendships are different. What is considered a friend? Is it someone you are at ease with, who understands you, who accepts you for who you are, who is there for good and bad?

Where do you draw the line? What makes a true friend and what’s the level of ‘true’ in this case? How do you evaluate? What’s the chemistry level before you consider someone a friend?

I draw the line at sincerity and kindness. If I don’t feel sincere in being a friend with someone, I will of course, walk away.

Funny how these things work.


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